Remote tracking circuit schematics

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit consists of two parts, (1) the power supply circuit via the transformer T, AC 220V down to 33V, full wave rectifier, filter, three-terminal regulator outputs + 24V and

Remote tracking circuit schematics
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

- lzv to the control circuitry. Which can also be used - 24V AC 24V. (Z) photodiode control circuit 555 is also often associated with electrical control circuit composed of a variety binding way, figure gives a practical solar water heaters solar automatic tracking remote control. Photodiode VD1 mounted in a cylinder directional light received than too light direction by 2 degrees ahead of solar energy water heater, 555 as the lag than comparator work. When direct sunlight to photodiode VD1 (3DU12), its resistance drops, the current increases, the 555 ended output low, the relay J pull, normally open contacts connected to electric machine power, solar energy through a reduction gear motor drive food Shun hour operation. When irradiated with sunlight VD1 diminished, 555 output high, the relay J normally open electric shock off, cutting electrode circuit power supply, the motor stops. Thus, the solar hot water is always followed by the sun, called the sun go I can go chasing the direct sunlight, the light to achieve the best state.

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