10 Led Chaser

Posted on Apr 11, 2012

This circuit us gives the sense of movement of ball up down, after the LED turn on successively the one afterwards the other. As soon as it reaches in the one or in the other end it makes again the opposite movement to behind. As clock are used two inverters IC3A-B, the third IC3C are have role buffer. The R1, TR1, C1, determine the frequency, hence also the speeds of movement. We can adjust the TR1 in order to we achieve the change of speed or we change the price of C1, proportionally the speed that we want to achieve. The signal of clock passes from the IC1C-D, in the entries increasing or decreased enumeration (synchronous up/down counter), the IC2.

10 Led Chaser
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The increasing or clipping enumeration is selected by the gates ICA-B, that is connected so as to takes shape a set/reset flip-flop. The flip-flop this changes situation, when they turn on LED D1 and D10, that is found in the limits of bar, forcing the circuit to work to the opposite direction. This circle is continued, as long as it is in supply the circuit. The four exits of IC2, drive the entries of IC4, that are a decoder BCD, 4 lines in 10. The outputs of IC4, connect with LED D1-10.Every from the 10 exits remains in situation [H], while a situation [L] travels from a end of LED's, in the other. When one from output pins of IC4 becomes [ L ] then turns on also the corresponding LED. In the place of IC4 we have two choices, as long as report completed that we can place: 1) with the 7442 us it gives until 16mA, in his exits and 2) the 7445 that it gives 80mA. Part List R1= 100 ohms D1-10= LED IC4= 7442 for out 16mA R2= 220 ohms IC1= 7400 IC4= 7445 for out 80mA TR1= 470 ohms trimmer IC2= 74193 C1= 1000uF 16V IC3= 7404

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