Voice Recorder and Playback using ISD100A

Posted on Mar 17, 2013

The ISD1000A is a Direct Analog Storage device which allows you to store 20 seconds worth of voice data on an IC chip which can be play backed anytime. The data stored will stay in memory even if the power is removed. To use the circuit below simple apply power to the circuit, press the record button and hold. Speak clearly into the microphone. You have up to 20 seconds of voice message that you can store. If you talk beyond that time the chip will only store the first 20 seconds. After recording, release the record button. To playback the message, press the playback message and the message you recorded will play back. The microphone is an electret mic and the speaker is a 8 ohm speaker. If you use a 16 ohm speaker then the 10 ohm resistor marked optional, can be eliminated. This circuit can be the basis of many other larger projects. For example it could be part of an alarm circuit which plays back a voice warning when the alarm circuit is triggered.

Voice Recorder and Playback using ISD100A
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

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