High-performance power supply LM334

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in Figure as a switching power supply to work with linear regulated power supply. Its characteristics are: high efficiency, low dropout; having the ability to filter o

High-performance power supply LM334
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ut high frequency ripple voltage and instantaneous voltage of the mutation; best suited to the needs of small loads; having a current limiting function. Figure by VD3, IC1-b and other components to generate the reference voltage. R8, R9 constitute a voltage sampling circuit for sampling the output voltage of the power supply. IC2 and VT2 and other elements constituting the error amplifier and shunt voltage regulator circuit. By comparing the reference voltage and IC2 amplify the sampled voltage, the driving regulator VT2, thereby stabilizing the output voltage. By the VD1, IC3, VD2, IC1-a, VT1 and other elements constituting a current limiting circuit. VD1, IC3 and RP1 formed adjustable current limiting reference voltage generated by IC1-a reference to this voltage R2 (output current sampling resistor) comparing the sampled voltage amplification to form the error voltage. With the error voltage control the regulator VT1 working conditions, so as to stabilize and limit the output current.

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