Heavy duty battery charger

Posted on Nov 13, 2012

Operation amplifier A1 directly drives the VN64GA with the error signal to control the output voltage. Peak rectifier Dl, CI supplies error amplifier A1 and the reference zener. This extra drive voltage must exceed its source voltage by several volts for the VN64GA to pass full load current. The output voltage is pulsating dc which is quite satisfactory for battery charging. To convert the system to a regulated dc supply, capacitor C2 is increased and another electrolytic capacitor is added across the load. The response time is very fast, being determined by the op-amp.

Heavy duty battery charger
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The 2N4400 current limiter circuit prevents the output current from exceeding 4.5 A. However, maintaining a shorted condition for more than a second will cause the VN64GA to exceed its temperature ratings. A generous heat sink, on the order of 1°C/W, must be used.

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