One battery fast charge circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Fast and efficient charging is higher than conventional charging ten times to several times the current charge. When the battery voltage rises to a predetermined value when (va

One battery fast charge circuit
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porization point), polarization within the cell is more serious, it should stop charging. And then let the battery instantaneous large current discharge, the battery voltage drops rapidly, quickly disappeared polarization, and then use a large current continues to charge, so the anti- complex circulation. When such a charging method, temperature is not high, charging speed, efficiency up to 90%, can improve the storage life of the pool. Fast-charge, original charging time can be shortened to about 20h 1-2h, and can save energy by 20% - 25%. Circuit is shown. It can be used as 12V car battery. Adjustment potentiometer RPi, change the discharge time interval. Pay special attention to the charging and discharging time interval to be transferred to the battery in the electrochemical reaction rate to adapt. When the battery voltage is low, the electrochemical reaction quickly, so a shorter time interval some; while the battery close enough, the interval should be longer.

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