Panasonic M12H switching power supply circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown Panasonic M12H switching power supply circuit, the use of Panasonic movement M12H TV: Panasonic TC-230H, TC-2030DHN, TC-830D, TC-840D and the like. Oscillation Approxi

Panasonic M12H switching power supply circuit diagram
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mately 300V DC voltage on the C836, T801 all the way through the P1, P2 winding added IC801 (1) foot internal switching tube C pole, but added IC801 via R803 (2) foot internal switch B pole switch tube starts conducting, E pole current from IC801 (4) feet outflow. T801 of P1, P1 winding current increases, the induced voltage coupled to F2, F3 winding induced voltage polarity at this time F2, F3 winding is positive F2 F3 negative voltage through C806, R804 added IC801 (2 ), (4) feet, so that the switch current is further increased, a strong positive feedback switch rapidly saturated. After saturation the switch, the voltage of the primary winding increases linearly T801, on the one hand in the IC801 (4) is formed pin 113V DC voltage, while T801 stored magnetic energy. With the C806 continue to be charged and the IC801 (2) pin voltage falling, and finally the internal switch out of saturation. Once the switch out of saturation, T801 of P1, P2 winding current decreases, T801 each winding induced voltage polarity will flip, F2, F3 voltage winding and through C806, R804 to IC801 (2), (4 ) feet, so that switch current is further reduced, so the cycle to switch off quickly. After switching off, T801 S1, S2 voltage windings so D801 is turned on, the voltage on the establishment 16V C810; F1, F3 winding D804 also allows conduction, T801 stored magnetic energy is released by the D804 to 113V load, while the C806 through R804, D806, T801 of F2, F3 winding discharge, 300V voltage by R803 to C806 reverse charging, so (2) IC801 pin voltage rise, the line flyback pulses also through D805, R805 to IC801 (2) feet, IC801 advance turned on to start another cycle of oscillation. Regulator circuit Regulator circuit is done automatically by STR456A inside. Protection circuit If 113V voltage increases, the R842, R843 partial pressure after D837 conduction, SCR Q833 conduction, 220V AC is short-circuited, the fuse burned.

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