FM Transmitter Circuit

Posted on Oct 22, 2012

L1 is 0.112uH (this tunes to the middle of the FM band, 98 MHz, with VC1 at its centre value of 33pF). L1 is 5 turns of 22 swg enamelled copper wire close-wound on a 5mm (3/16`) diameter former. Alternatively, you can have a fixed 33pF cap instead of VC1 and have L1 as an adjustable molded coil (eg UF64U from Maplin). VC1 will give you a tuning range of 85 - 125 MHz, and a possible choice is the Philips type polypropylene film trimmer (Maplin code WL72P). Two sets of oscillator bias resistors are given, the ones in the brackets give about 20% more RF power. Mike is our favourite Omnidirectional sub-mini electret (Maplin code FS43W). Ant is a (lambda / 4) whip monopole (eg 76 cms of 22 swg copper wire). Q1 is configured as a Clapp oscillator. Frequency modulation results from the audio voltage changing the transistor`s base-emitter capacitance.

FM Transmitter Circuit
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