Simple and practical electric vehicle anti-theft alarm circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As environmental awareness increases, the electric car has been poured into our family, become an indispensable part of peoples transport. How to prevent the electric car theft

Simple and practical electric vehicle anti-theft alarm circuit diagram
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is a problem of great concern to the owners, to this end, there have been all kinds of electric vehicle anti-theft lock. However, the electric car theft phenomenon still emerging, more advanced electric vehicle anti-theft locks in a short time is difficult to destroy, put the thieves stole the electric car onto other vehicles, so then advanced anti-theft lock also appears powerless. In view of this, we introduce an electric vehicle anti-theft alarm system circuit diagram. Alarm transmitter portion of the transmitter circuit is controlled by the power relay K and thyristor VS used. Offbeat signal circuit IC1 composition. V and its peripheral components transistor radio frequency oscillation circuit, transmit an alarm signal. In the wait state, the switch S1 is turned on, and SB1 disconnect (ie front lock is locked), K is in releasing state to the alarm transmitter does not work. When the front door was unlocked (ie SB1 ON), VS is triggered conduction, K pull, turn the transmitter power. After SB1 connected to the normally open points K-2 in its self-locking, only this time off S1 alarm can only end. When K operation, the normally closed contacts Kl off, cut off the engine ignition circuit. Receiver circuit and a switch by the TDA7010 amplifier TWH8778, TWH68 composition. When the alarm signal is received their mutual IC2 feet high by IC3 via IC4 amplified by TWH15 release alarm. But taking into account the frequency stability, because no frequency stabilization circuit 7010 itself, when the work should make more testing, preferably with PCB and SMD components. According to the above method of operation parked vehicle, the alarm enters the alarm state to be. During the alarm to be, as long as someone no matter what method to open the front lock or move the vehicle, the alarm will trigger an alarm stop, and cut off the engine power of the vehicle can not be started until the owner who came to the ignition key is inserted in the ignition lock oFF position, the alarm can be lifted.

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