Barricade warning light flashing circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Using Wuxi love core Microelectronics Co., Ltd. H1.9811 single Chan flash control integrated road barricades made of flashing warning lights, HL9811

Barricade warning light flashing circuit
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integrated internal RC oscillator, frequency divider, the output buffer amplifier punching, shaping circuit, power output circuit. HL9811 1 '[J-92 and I'CB black paste soft decision means two kinds, the circuit hired T () - 92 package, it O pin Negative power supply v ,,; feet flash output () LT; feet to stop power supply terminal V ... by 220v AC after VDl-VD4 rectifier, a direct road E electric lamp as the source, and the other path R, buck limit, vs regulator with (1 filtered wave output 12V DC voltage for light control circuit, integrated flash and other electrical path .VT1, VT2 Darlington cares constitute the photosensitive resistor Rl, and the resistor R, the power switch is composed of a light twist, daytime RI. irradiated by light exhibits low resistance, so Darling Leighton tube (ie, VT1, VT2) off, the power switch is turned off, the subsequent circuit as a loss of power is not T, thyristor VT4 also turned off, the warning light E small light. when night comes, R1J resistance increases, VTI the substrate potential but also with the increased proliferation of Darlington when a certain value .V ri and VT2 composed of MOSFET, provides follow-up circuit work must be 12V DC voltage. when H1.9811 must obtain a DC voltage is normal , its output on the output square wave pulse signal after amplification was added to unravel diode VT3 VT4 of thyristor f J Ying, so VT4 gap opened and closed so powerful horse movement warning women E flashes. flashing lamp H zygomatic rate by the manifold H1.98 children control the internal oscillator, the oscillation frequency in the range of 0 5 ~ 2Hz inner circle can not be adjusted by external components Cambodia. If the oscillation frequency is too inappropriate, may "require manufacturers to customize. 4 bite with W]] A, ' 600V unidirectional small plastic products such as brake pipes and other .F MCR100-8 Journal of 100W or less red incandescent bulbs.

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