IF Converter

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

For those of us that cannot afford the high cost of some of these SDR radios there is hope. Here I describe an I. F. converter suitable for use with Boat Anchors Communications receivers. Now it is possible to couple the great front ends of an R390 or SP600 to the input of a modern software defined receiver that utilizes DSP Processing to implement Fast Fourier

IF Converter
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Transform spectral filtering, Sync Detection, and multimode demodulation. In addition some of these software defined receivers provide panoramic displays allowing the user to see a spectral display of ones current QSO and neighboring signals above and below. One can tailor the bandwidth of reception for any mode of demodulation, Shift the I. F Frequency, perform high quality noise blanking, and implement automatic notch filtering for suppressing those carrier slingers that don`t know how to use dummy loads. This all coupled with the classic boat anchor communications receivers front end with mechanical I. F. filtering, pulls together a truly high performance receiver by today`s modern standards. It`s a relatively inexpensive way to experiment with SDR`s. The popular Public Domain software package developed for use with the Flex Radio Systems SDR-1000 can be used with this converter. You can obtain this public domain software from the Flex Radio Systems Web Site1. Simply download the Power SDR software package v. 1. 12. 0 or the latest version available. The file has it`s extension changes to. efw to get past virus protection software. After downloading the ZIP file just change the extension to. zip and Winzip or your favorite file compression software will unzip the files. Once you have the Setup. exe file in a folder you can install the software on your computer. The Power SDR will load and install on your computer. Once...

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