Mono audio panoramic interference (pan pot)

Posted on Jun 25, 2012

The circuit spectator interference enables implantation mono sound at any point between stereo speakers. When P1 is in the middle of his journey, there is strengthening or weakening of the mark the entrance to the exit in any of the two channels. When the potentiometer placed elsewhere, away from halfway, the signal in one channel is supported 3dB more than the other. The input stage is a buffer (IC1). Inverts the input signal to ensure compliance with this phase of the output (Next steps' and reverse them the signal they receive to entry). The resistance value entry identifies to that of R 1 (1 A KO). The output buffer is driven in stereo amplifiers IC2 and IC3.

Mono audio panoramic interference (pan pot)
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The potentiometer P1, in conjunction with the A3, R4, R8, and A9, affects the routes of feedback and two boosters. This result in any adjustment of P1 to make the opposite metavoles enischysi the two opamps. The series resistors A7 and A12 provide the possibility of output lead capacitive loads. Capacitors coupling C3, C6 and C9 can be omitted if the application for the intended circuit can tolerate continuous diversion trends in output of about 20-30 mv. The capacitors C2, C5 and C8 ensure stability amplifier, even with unit gain. The capacitors C 1, C4 and C7 minimize any interference r1, which is probably appears within the area 2.5IZ-200KIZ. The performance of the circuit is very good and can be used in High-quality consoles. The total harmonic distortion plus thorythoo the frequency of 1 kHz with a bandwidth of 22 kHz is 0.0014%. The circuit needs power supply 18 W of power which consumes approximately 16 mA.

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