Dual 25W stereo audio power amplifier circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

The entire circuit consists of two parts - Lisheng power amplifier and the rectifier filter crossing. As shown in Figure 5-85 is a stereo audio power

Dual 25W stereo audio power amplifier circuit
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amplifier circuit diagram t figure depicts only one channel, the other channel with this identical. The audio signal is applied to the XS1 4. 7k, 0 volume potentiometer RP2, and then by the ci, Rl away amplifier IC TDA2030A o cl, Rl to form a high-pass filter circuit, first as an audio signal through an intersection, it this value is crucial pregnant Cl was taken 0.1V: F, Ri taken 51k, fl, to ensure the above evidence ZOHz VLF signal destructive consumption ^ IC inlet port to the Further, the feedback loop R 6, C3 is the entire circuit affect the frequency response of a cross key point here C3 use 10Q ~ 220vF tantalum capacitors, and R6 so low corner frequency 3Hz hereinafter are for the same consideration o R4, R6. C3 composed negative feedback loop, R4 and R6 the ratio determines the gain of the circuit, the specific value by the formula f ,, - 1 + R4 / R6 wherein R6 fork and obtained export R7 and C4 form a treble boosting circuit to enhance the frequency of about 3. 3kHz - 16kHz, about promotion is 15dB, increase transparency playback Ca 6 R3, R4 and C5 bass boost circuit, lifting frequency 20 ~ 200Hz, focusing on ultra-low-frequency band, the maximum lift capacity of up to 20dB, for enhancing the strength and feeling in playback b appropriate to enhance the bass sound during playback, not only can improve tone Tan t also insufficient balance loudness entire band t fit everyone's listening habits. R5 and C2 form Joubert network, the transition frequency of about 160kHz, the connection with the speaker system from 20kHz above come into play, attenuating high frequency signals to prevent UHF since the withdrawal o C6 C7 back to power + decoupling capacitors to eliminate the interference noise power, greatly improve the transient response of the power supply. VD1, VD2 for protecting the integrated amplifier circuit TDA2030A, when the circuit is working properly when they do not work, but the circuit is unexpected, it was to protect the IC from the port because a crucial role for the sake of improving reliable circuit, VD1 , VD2 is better fitted to the mouth c8.R8 and RZ form a high-frequency compensation network, with loudness control features, can improve the small volume playback quality mouth

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