Headphone Amplifier

Posted on Aug 18, 2012

High Quality unit with LM833 or NE5532 Low noise Dual Op-amp. No need for a preamplifier. # Can be directly connected to CD players, tuners and tape recorders. # Tested with several headphone models of different impedance: 32, 100, 245, 300, 600 & 2000 Ohm. # Old 8 Ohm impedance headphones can be also driven, but these obsolete devices are not recommended. # Schematic shows left channel and power supply (common to both channels). # Numbers in parentheses show IC1 right channel pin connections.

Headphone Amplifier
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

* A correct grounding is very important to eliminate hum and ground loops. Connect to the same point the ground sides of J1, P1, C2, C3 & C4. Then connect separately the input and output grounds to the power supply ground. Technical data: Output vo

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