TDA1510 Power Amplifier Applications 02

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

TDA1510 Philips company's audio power amplifier. The IC features a load short {open load, overheat protection circuit. Having an output of static voltage stability, ripple

TDA1510 Power Amplifier Applications 02
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rejection performance, fewer external components, small size, stable resistance characteristics. It can be composed and BTL stereo power amplifier, the circuit shown in Figure 5-3 opening 1.6C1 machine can drive low-impedance speakers. No signal when the voltage limit is 28V; 18V port when the signal is normal operating voltage 6V ~ 18V. In vcc - 14, 4V, , = lkHz, Jiang Ding a 2 5 testing, closed-circuit gain of 40dB, dual-channel output power of 12W, BTL output power of 40W death for automotive audio cassette players and stereo tape recorders do q power amplifier TDA1510 and TDA1515 shape and structure is basically the same, the difference is only of O TDAIS-Jc 5 feet on the ground then there is a 4 7t, F electrolytic capacitor as its dual-channel speaker protection 6 typical amplifier circuit shown in Figure 5-3 . Typical BTL amplifier circuit shown in Figure 5-4.

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