Mini strobe light

Posted on May 31, 2012

This is a mini strobe light. NE555 is used as a self oscillator. The width of output pulse is changed by the variable resister. 25msec means 40Hz. 6m sec means 166Hz. A LED is connected on the output of this oscillator. Therefore LED twinkles from 40Hz to 166Hz. I lighted a speaker by this twinkle LED. The cone of a speaker is vibrated by 50Hz with 3V-AC power transformer. I adjusted the VR to oscillate 51Hz. Then, I can watch the corn of the speaker vibrates slowly with 1Hz. A strobe scope is used in order to research the vibration.

Mini strobe light
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

This is very cheap one. If you are the teacher, you can teach the children that the sound is a vibration of the air. Also you can teach that the concept of phase and frequency with this equipment with this machine. If you are the young man, you can have a time with your girl friend in the dark room.( Last month I looked this light with 5 gentlemen. It was not enjoyable time HIHI) Description add on 10 Dec 2000: I forget to say about most important thing. Such a instrument can be uaed to evaluate the mechanical stability of the parts on the print boad.

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