With FET amplifier output transformer circuit

This article describes a transformer with output FET amplifier production, its tone has been very close to the tube amp
With FET amplifier output transformer circuit - schematic

effects introduced to the circuit for the majority of audio enthusiasts reference. Power amplifier Specifications: Rated output power: 50w (load 8n); Frequency response: 4 0Hz ~ 25Hz curve flat; harmonic distortion: 0.5 (measured under lkHz); SNR: 90d13; input sensitivity: 800n1V o the power amplifier by a double differential amplifier with a preamp and output transformer FET power amplifier stage configuration, the design idea of "simplicity first" principle. Figure 7-15 can be seen from a pair of NPN type transistor Vl.v2 constitutes a first differential amplifier, the other a pair of PNP type. Mutual diode V3, V4 constitute _r second differential amplifier. Two different conductivity type transistors increases the power supply voltage utilization, but have different temperature characteristics, so that significantly improve the stability of the whole machine. FIG resistors R5, R6-oriented stage circuit provides a two-way exchange of negative feedback, and the circuit full complementary symmetry, so good DC stability of the circuit, while reducing the degree of distortion, wide forehead noon. Circuit the output of the preceding stage V3, V4 polarity opposite the collector, as a complementary push-pull power amplifying stage after the reference waveforms for the two opposite odd signal source

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