DC-coupled single-tube amplifier

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

DC-coupled single-tube amplifier (l) single-tube coupling the DC amplifier so-called single-tube DC-coupled amplifier circuit means only consist of a transistor, the basic comm

DC-coupled single-tube amplifier
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on-emitter amplifier circuit compared to only a small two coupling capacitors C, and Q. In the absence of C., G DC blocking effect, and thus the signal source and the load on both the DC operating state generated shadow ring. Figure shows a DC-coupled single-tube amplifier, one of the key components of a transistor and a bias resistor. Circuit bias resistor (R shoulder) through the power transistor to the base of operation: load resistor (where) through power to the transistor collector electrode power supply; a resistor (Rs) of the signal source is a current limiting resistor, to provide the appropriate input current of the transistor. Resistor (RL) is to put big clamor output signal load resistor. Function transistor (VT) of the base is an enlarged input signal.

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