Three-phase six-step motor control circuit diagram composed of MC33035

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Fig application circuit is a three-phase full-wave six-step driving an open loop motor controller circuit connection diagram. Wherein the power switching transistor Darlington

Three-phase six-step motor control circuit diagram composed of MC33035
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PNP type, the lower power switching transistors are N-channel power MOSFET. Since each device contain a parasitic clamping diodes, which can power the stator inductive energy returned. The output can drive triangular connection or star connection of the stator, if using a separate power supply, but also to drive the Y-connected neutral ground. At any given rotor position, the circuit shown in Figure 3 are the only one at the top and bottom power switches (belonging to different totem poles) is valid. Thus, through the rational allocation can switch the stator windings from the power supply to ground at both ends, and allows two-way or full-wave current. Since the leading edge spikes usually occur in the current waveform, and will result in limiting errors. Therefore, the class can be suppressed by the peak RC filter in series with a current detection input. Meanwhile, Rs low sense resistor also help reduce spikes.

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