Motor Y starting circuit shape

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Motor windings are scheduled to join Y Rong, while L IS ON, 2JC {}} electric suction, Union minister motor Y} i pick Save iIf /) f ~ tjj. ON 115 causes JMP - S also coat LU r + ashamed, to turn the motor was built gun delete, turn a motor built escape Wu j l rated

Motor Y starting circuit shape
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revolution built 600 / O, SO% (available by occasion eyes bare setting). JMPI friends ha. 1-7 disconnected. IJC loss of power release, YJ Zhi disconnect coupling 1-9 pick contempt. 9 - II 133 is also turned on. 3JC electrostatic suction units, electric day l set r winding connected into expansion, with eight to avoid pressure JE derivatives operation. Y - A move south W. H flail r Cheng Bi. DA. IMP S f remains energized as when i perform what-machine running water smell off monitoring. When the motor due to external Harada such overload. Xu off the supply voltage drops too unexpected situations such as hair E, paraphrased f drop IO - 20Q / o. iMP2 off, 2JC, 3JC has lost power released, the motor power supply is cut off. Protects the motor will not be trapped overload, Feng H, power supply voltage is low and spread bad. Meanwhile JMP - S Esen electricity. JMPI. IMP2 pecking recovery team has prepared state government to start again.

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