Drag dedicated traffic control system

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Electric driving is an important equipment for the modernization of the plant material transport, the traditional control methods, mostly semi-manually operated automatic contr

Drag dedicated traffic control system
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ol mode. In many cases, in order to improve efficiency, promote production automation and reduce labor intensity, often to achieve electrical Ru moving traffic automation. To achieve automatic control, can make driving in accordance with a predetermined sequence and complete a series of requirements for automatic control work. In this example, the electroplating factory dedicated lane, for example, the use of PLC constitute an automatic control system to realize the turtle plating dedicated lane from automatic control. (1) drive system design special vehicles before and after the fetters drag and lift motion by the three-phase AC induction motor. To lift the heavy traffic of the plating amount, use two J 02-12-4 motor drag, and the use of mechanical reduction level. Drag the control system shown in Figure 26-35. Among them, driving forward and backward, up and down control by the motor reversing to implement now, when driving back and forth and down movement stopped using dynamic braking, to ensure accurate stop position. In the translation process, the electric motor using the lifting magnet brake to prevent the basket fell by its own weight. Figure 26-35, the contact clamor KM1KM2 by controlling the front/rear of the motor is, reverse, forward and realize after driving back; contactor KM3/KM4 control up/down the motor to achieve increased traffic and fall; and KM6 control contactor KM5 row vehicle in front, rear brakes, contactors KM7 and KM8 driving control raising and lowering brake. FR1 and FR2 for the thermal relay, from the security guard role. (2) PLC Selection and address assignment according to the control requirements of the dedicated lane, used Mitsubishi Fl-40M type PLC, the basic I/O points are: input 24 points and output 16 points. Driving in the plating PLC control system, PLCs I/O points with the number of plating tank varies. When the plating tank 4, a total of 20 points PLC input, output 8 points; each additional slot will increase the input of 2:00, one for controlling the slot limit switch, and one for slot selector switch ; regardless of the number of PLC output points with the plating bath. If a larger number of plating bath, according to the need of expansion matched with the F series units, such as the use Fl-20E type or Fl-40E type Expansion Unit. In this case, the number of plating bath is 4, without increasing the expansion unit. PLCs u0 address allocation table

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