Infrared relay remote control

Posted on Nov 26, 2012

Having to use the infrared remote control, we will procure in addition to modulate the Nutchip infrerossi receiver. Do not let the name fool you, because more than one module component that looks like a large transistor. We use as a reset Nutchip external RC network consisting of R3 and C1. The capacitors C2 and C3 instead serve as a bypass, and filter feeds Nutchip and infrared receiver. Perch? be effective must be mounted very close to the integrated they have to protect. ? infrared receiver connected directly to the REMOTE Nutchip, a pull-up is not already contained within the perch? ? Nutchip. Note that all unused inputs are locked to the positive.

Infrared relay remote control
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The load (cio? our lamp) ? driven by a rel?. The solution ? pi? practice is to mount a clamp on the PCB, and connect a plug and a socket externally by two long cables around a metro.Il circuit is powered at 5 volts (see the basic circuit diagram of a power supply) . It 's very important that the rel? be able to withstand with an adequate margin the current required by the lamp. Calculate the required current to the lamp you want to use (A = W / V) and quadruplicatela . For example, a 100W lamp, use a rel? 100W/220V = 1.8 * 4-A as a minimum , in practice fit a model 5A. Also make sure that the current and voltage contacts is bearable by the AC, some manufacturers indicate only the voltage. Poich? is a circuit that switches a load connected to the mains, where ternsioni and currents involved are potentially lethal, we take great care that ci? rigurarda security. E 'required to mount the circuit inside a plastic container completely insulated. The programming of the chip and each type of measure dovr? be done with the circuit and the load strictly unplugged. Use a printed circuit gi? ready, unless you're really great and then you can also use a board "spacers." In this case, you must create a security zone around the terminal rel? and filing away the "vignettes" of copper so as to leave an insulating barrier at least 6 mm wide around each contact. It is switched on and off the exit code 1 when it comes to a key: a...

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