Voice remote control switch circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Voice circuits described in this section, during the day or in brighter, voice-activated switch is turned off, the lamp does not light. At night or in low light, sound control switch is pre-working state.

Voice remote control switch circuit
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When someone after the nearby switch, footsteps, voices, clapping can start the voice switch, lights, delay after 40--50s, voice switches automatically turn off lights off. (1) works the voice switch circuit by the microphone BM, sound amplifier, a half-wave rectifier, light control, electronic switch, delay and AC switch circuit section 7. The circuit shown in Figure 18-26. Microphone and VT1, R. ~ R3, C. Composition electrical sound amplification path. In order to obtain higher sensitivity value VT1 port should be used more than 100. The microphone also use high sensitivity. Po should not be too small, otherwise it is prone to intermittent oscillation circuit. G, VD1 and VD2, C3 constitute a rectifying circuit, an audio signal into a DC control voltage. R4, Rs and photosensitive resistance R (;. Composed of light control circuit when light is irradiated on the RG, its resistance becomes smaller, the DC control voltage attenuation large, VT2 off. VT2, VT3 and R ,, VD3 composed of electronic switches. usually, that is when there is light, VT2, VT3 cutoff .C4 no voltage on one-way thyristor VTH off, HL bulb does not light. when VFH off, DC high voltage through R9, after VD4 buck added Cf upper end of the C6 charge when charge to 12V after, VSI breakdown, ensure the C6, the voltage does not exceed 15V. when there is no light shines on the RG, RG resistance is large, the DC control voltage attenuation is small .VT2, VT3 conduction, VD3 also turned on. G, C5 starts charging voltage slowly rising wind, consisting of 0 and a one-way delay with thyristor vs AC switch .C4 by Ra DC trigger voltage VTH is applied to the control gate electrode, VTH is turned on, the relay coil K was electric, string EL branch normally open relay contacts K is turned on, the lamp EL ruffian light bulb lit the length of time by the C4, Yan parameter determining components of value, according to plans given in the bulb after the light for about 40s, RRHA & stop lights off .G as interference capacitors, except for a little light bulb flickering i (2) components selection VT1, VT2 are selected 9014 transistor, VT3 selection transistor 9012, to which the VT1 selection J;. B 100 VTH selection 100-8 unidirectional thyristor .VD1-VD3 made of 1N4148 diode, VD4 selects 1N4001 diode glance, VD5 ~ VD8 selected with 1N4004 diode to use high-sensitivity microphone, the other components in FIG.

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