Car maintenance thyristor voltage regulator

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

An automobile permanent magnet alternator failure, the phenomenon of cars at night driving, headlights suddenly increase in brightness, then goes out. Analyzing the generator v

Car maintenance thyristor voltage regulator
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oltage regulator may be damaged, resulting in the voltage rise due. This generator has no part excitation coil can not use a conventional voltage regulator substitution. This machine is JFYJ2102 type (28V/36A) AC permanent magnet generator, higher power, better use. Aircraft trigger regulator circuit board has been lost, as shown by the actual mapping generator wiring diagram in Fig. The circuit is a three-phase bridge rectifier semi-controlled thyristor surge line, G for the three-way thyristor trigger pole, and at the same time is triggered, D7, D8, D9, respectively, for the three SCR KGZ1, KGZ2, KGZ3 trigger extreme isolation diode, C1, C2, C3 is to prevent interference with pulse thyristor three false triggering while protecting three pole SCR trigger, the breakdown will not be too high and high voltage pulse, play a protective role; D4, D5, D6 of isolation diode to prevent the three SCR cathode is directly connected, and the resulting three-phase winding of the generator is short-circuited in order to give the three thyristor cathode electrode is applied to the trigger and the trigger pulse. Synchronous detection control circuit and transistor relaxation oscillator circuit consists of BG this single-junction transistor BT composition than the composition. When the B + on the termination power, through the current limiting resistor R6 and zener diode ZD2 to the oscillator power supply via a resistor R2 to the capacitor C1 is charged, when the voltage rises across the single-junction transistor G1 peak voltage of BT, BTs e, b1 extremely conductive, capacitor C1 by BT of e, the primary L1 b1 pole isolation transformer to discharge. When the voltage of C1 drops to the valley point BT, BTs e, b1 extremely restore blocked. Then began the second capacitor C1 charge/discharge, so the cycle. After the start-up circuit, through the isolation transformer B L2 of the output pulse, the G, A is added to the end of the SCR triggered thyristor pole leaving. Since the power from the three-phase rectifier pulsating power, so the output pulse in synchronization with the pulsating power thyristor can be synchronized trigger. When the B + terminal voltage reaches or ZD1 breakdown conduction, BG base potential rises above 28V, BG conduction, the collector potential decreases, the diode D2 is turned on, so that a short circuit across C1, the oscillator to stop, SCR not the trigger signal, the zero crossing is blocked. When the voltage is below 28V, ZD1 breakdown is not, BG group is extremely low potential, BG off, its collector is high potential, D2 off, oscillator, SCR is triggered by conduction, the rectifier output current outward powered by. So again and again, always the rectifier output voltage of the generator does not exceed 28V. If the trigger current is too small, it can be appropriate to reduce the resistance R in Figure 1. Selection of all the circuit resistance metal film resistors 1/2W A, B selected magnetic tank or cross-sectional area of 0.5 to 0.8c©O S25mm radio transformer core with S0.23 ~ S0.25mm enameled wire, L1 about 100T, L2 around 200T. Power LD light bulbs, power supply with adjustable output voltage rises when output is 28V, the lamp LD suddenly extinguished; when the voltage is set lower than 28V, the lamp can be lit again LD, otherwise, it should change the value ZD1, R4s. Then trigger the regulator circuit board connected to the corresponding connection generator mounted to the car test run, if stable, to the board with silicone rubber seal to prevent water and dust. This triggers the regulator by the actual use of good results, this method can be a similar type of generator maintenance; if it is 14V generator can change values of R, ZD1, so just ZD1 is turned on when the 14V far; at the same time to R6 100, ZD2 to 10V zener diode. Car repair thyristor circuit diagram of the voltage regulator shown in FIG.

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