16 Step Analog Sequencer circuit

The following video is of my test circuit of a 16 step analog sequencer based on Mauno Tuominen`s schematic for an analog CMOS sequencer based around at 4067n multiplexer/demultiplexer. You can see a DIY version of the sequencer here at studiomanus. com. I had an old sn76477 which I had been planning on turning into something so I started with the basics indicator lights, tempo, and a simple oscillator.

The eventual plan is to expand this out into a large 16 step sequencer/synth based around the sn76477 allowing for extensive sound shaping of each step in the sequence. Although the sequencer is well under $100 by the time this is completely finished it will likely cost well over that but the result should be substantial. In the meantime, take a gander at the initial test circuit. The sounds aren`t the most musical at this time, but it`s function and simple design is more the point. I`ve expanded on the original design using a simple 555 timer for the clock and the ability to control the number of steps in the sequence through use of the 4063N. This has not been tested that`s on my to do list. If anyone who reads this is well versed in these components and circuit design I`d love to hear feedback.

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