40W 4 channel audio amplifier

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

With the integrated audio TDA8571J designed for automotive applications, this circuit can expand the sound of the car radio or connect a portable MP3 playerin it. Internally, thechiphas eightoperationalamplifierseton the bridge, allowingeachspeaker terminalbeing energized. Dontconnect thenegative terminal ofthe mass ofthe speaker, becausetheywillproducea short circ

40W 4 channel audio amplifier
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uiton theoutput. This circuitprovidesa total of fourspeakers4 ohmsand40Wat12vpowered. It is thereforeidealfor usein the car. Totalharmonic distortionis rather high, about 10%at full power. Butwithhalf the powerrequirements(20W)is lessthan 2%. Anyway itis not intendedtohave ahigh performancesystemin the car. With theintegratedaudioTDA8571Jdesignedforautomotive applications, this 40w amplifier circuit can expandthe soundof the car radioorconnecta.

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