50W Offline Switching Power Supply

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The following diagram is the 50W offline switching power supply circuit design. The circuit powered by a MOSFET. BUZ80A/IXTP4N8 for 220V AC voltage input and GE IRF823 for 110V AC input voltage. The output will be 5VDC with electric current up to 10A. The schematic diagram: Component list: The schematic shows a 50-W power supply. Here the 50W AF

50W Offline Switching Power Supply
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power amplifier circuit powered with single IC STK4036II. Use heatsink to prevent overheating on the IC. STK4036II features: Compact package for thin-type audio sets Member of pin-compatible series with outputs of 20 to 200W Easy heatsink design to disperse heat generated in thintype stereo sets Constant-current circuit. This is a great audio amplifier circuit based on single power IC TDA7294. TDA7294 is intended for use as a high quality audio class AB amplifier in hi-fi applications. It has very low noise and distortion, wide bandwidth and good output current capability, enabling it to supply high power into both 4 © and 8 © loads. . Here the another amplifier circuit with single power IC from Phillips, TDA1514A. This is a hi-fi power amplifier circuit with 50W power output. The TDA1514A integrated circuit is a hi-fi power amplifier for use as a building block in radio, tv and other audio applications. The high performance of the IC meets the requirements of. This is a high output power amplifier based on power amplifier IC STK-1050. STK-1050 Features: Does not require externally connected emitter resistors. Values of emitter resistors have carefully been reviewed to provide superior characteristics. Better supply voltage utilization permits designing power supply voltage that are about 0. 7V (for RL=4ohms) lower than those required for previous.

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