555 monostable circuit trigger solenoid

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Well i posted a similar circuit in another topic but a lot has changed in the design. So here is a brief story of what i am doing, actually i am in a project where i have to design a circuit which can be used to trigger solenoid valves for the airbags in the car, so i need a circuit with a time range of 0 to 1 seconds. Also the valves chosen are 1

555 monostable circuit trigger solenoid
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2 V, 0. 5 A and can go up to the maximum speed of 200 milisecond. In my group meeting it was decided to use a monostable 555 circuit to trigger valves as they need some sort of time regulation because it is something like that you press a button and an airbag go will off instantly and that car would be a demonstrator only! so i am a little confused as can there be an alternative to the circuit above as it looks too complicated I know i will need a diode connected in parallel to solenoid to prevent back emf but exactly don`t understand why are transistors required if transistors are required then what type of transistors do I use This circuit will require probably only one transistor on the output, with a couple resistors. That should drive your solenoid which you said was 0. 5 amp right The input lockout can be as simple as a capacitor that couples the switch to the input, with a pullup resistor, and a protection diode from trigger to the positive supply voltage. Why Airbags are use-once-only things. In an accident there would only be a single trigger. Besides, surely it won`t matter if the valve opens repeatedly after the bag has deployed If this is a hypothetical system, e. g. for a school project, then fine. If it`s for a real-life airbag system then a lot more needs to be done to prevent any possibility of false triggering, e. g. by voltage spikes on the 12V supply. so in this simulator we will use airbags made of...

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