A solar battery charger

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This circuit is intended for charging sealed lead-acid batteries with a solar panel in small and portable applications. The customary diode that prevents the battery from discharging through the solar panel has been replaced by a FET-comparator combination. The charger will stop charging once a pre-set voltage (temperature compens

A solar battery charger
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ated) has been reached, and recommence charging when the voltage has dropped off sufficiently. The load is disconnected when the battery voltage drops below 11V and reconnected when it gets back to 12. 5V. If I ground the first two comparators (LM393) in the same place as the third, i. e. not between the FETs, the thing won`t work and the battery will discharge over the solar panel. Why Am I playing to close to the rails How can this be remedied/improved/redesigned Do I need a diode between the comparator`s imputs If I use micropower comparators like the Texas Instruments TLC393, the comparators blow up spectacularly, but with the standard LM393 everything works fine. Why What did I miss

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