Battery Backups in Consumer Electronics

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Most people don`t know it, but there are usually over a dozen, battery backup systems in your home already. The average American around 18 battery backed up devices in their home. These battery backup systems backup the crucial, expensive, or mobile electronics, right under your nose. Examples of battery backed up consumer electronics including the SMOKE

Battery Backups in Consumer Electronics
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ALARMS that beep in the night. Other examples include: wireless or satellite phones, laptop computers, MP3 players, tablet computers, and a variety of GPS devices all qualify. The battery on board design allows consumers to plug their appliances and electronics directly into any power grid without worry. Other devices just run on Direct Power rather than the Alternating power that comes from the wall. Many consumer plugs change this power to Direct Current, the same type of power that comes from a battery inside the plug. A battery discharges and is charged with DC power or Direct Current, so by switching the current, inside the power plug, the accessory can be smaller and lighter. The photo at right shows a number of different types of AC-DC wall plugs that actually charge the batteries, or circuits of your electronics, right now. These AC-DC transformers convert the alternating current into a positive and negative current on the appropriate wires. Each has a rating clearly marked on the power supply that shows the maximum output voltage, and amperage. The power from the wall is AC power, Alternating Current, or a positive and negative voltage on one wire, alternating at 50 - 60 times a second. The other wire is the return path to ground. The return path allows for a safe circuit to form, and the power can flow. To separate the positive and negative voltage from each other, a series of 4 diodes are needed and a bridging...

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