Bob Beck Electrifier

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

It requires no doctors, drugs, or medical bills. The procedure involves sterilizing the blood of viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, microbes, pathogens, mycotoxins and coexisting foreign life forms and alien invaders and their byproducts by passing a small current through the body. The original procedure invented and patented (US patent # 5139684) by

Bob Beck Electrifier
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Dr. S. Kaali, MD, involved removing the bloodfrom the body, electrifying it, and returning it to the body. The concept was simplified and made suitable for home use by Dr. Bob Beck, who thought that the blood should be left in the body where it belonged, and electrified by attaching electrodes to the body. And rather than use direct current, to prevent electrolysis he reversed polarity at a 4Hz rate. Dr. Beck did not patent the process, but placed it into the public domain and published schematics and information to allow anyone to build and use an inexpensive unit for him/herself. for discrete exposure time intervals can attenuate the ability of HIV-1 to infect normally healthy cells .  ( Patent #5139684, p. 19). In other words, electricity can boot the AIDS virus from the body. But there are testimonials from users of the Beck device, that this procedure is effective The blood electrifier only has effect on the blood system, but alien invaders can hide in the tissues. A magnetic pulser works by inducing electrical current in the tissues, so it kills pathogens by the same principle of blood electrification, but indirectly by use of collapsing magnetic fields. Colloidal silver in normal doses has no known side effects, and has been found to be beneficial against many diseases. Plus, it will not create drug resistant strains. This 11/24/`96 page describes a Plant Growth Stimulator  improved since my 1991 design....

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