Bug Eyed Eggliner

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

How the Bug-Eyed Eggliner came to life along with instructions that will help you to make your own. I believe that you can also use many of the concepts presented here in other projects and animations. The honey bee Eggliner already has two large eyes painted atop its body. It seemed logical to make them larger, 3 dimensional, illuminated and movable. I experimented with

Bug Eyed Eggliner
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a number of different spheres until I found wooden balls at Michaels, a local craft store. Wood is easy to paint and to work with simple tools and the balls came in a variety of different sizes. I decided to add a single 5mm LED to the center of each eyeball and to design and build a servo based mechanism to move the eyeballs back and forth. A PICAXE microcontroller is used to drive the servo and to blink the lights on and off. This list shows what I used to make the Bug-Eyed Eggliner. There are many substitutions that could be made if you can`t locate exactly what is shown here. Brass tubing - 12" long, 7/32" diameter - search eBay for "brass tube 7/32" - locally available at hardware stores & hobby shops - this must fit smoothly inside of the 1/4" tube described above Remove the motor block and base from the Eggliner by removing the outer four screws from the bottom (circled below). The inner screws hold the motor block to the base and do not need to be removed. Unsolder the bundle of red and black wires from the circuit board (area circled below). These wires connect the Eggliner`s interior lights to track power. We will solder them back on when we are all done. Remove the white cardboard oval that is inside of the Eggliner`s body. You can pry off the blobs of hot melt glue that hold it in place or you can cut it out. It will not be reused so damaging it during removal is not an issue. Unless you have VERY tiny hands it...

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