Combinational circuits Encoder Decoder

The Encoder and Decoder are different kind ofcombinationalcircuits which are used to convert binary information to decimal, octal and hexa decimal andvice-versa. A decoder iscombinationalcircuitwhich is used for to convert n it binary information to 2n unique outputs. so that a decoder circuit isused for to convert a binary information to de

cimal, octal and hexa decimal. a decoder circuit is a variable circuit called as nxm decoder. The outputs are D0, D1, D2, D3, D4. The inputs are connected to 4 AND gates and derive Unique outputs. If we have Enable it will come along with input line. This is used to start the process of decoder circuit. Weather is Zero the inputs representing with xx called don`t care conditions. An encoder is a combinational circuit which is used to convert 2n inputs to n outputs. so that it is reverse operation of a decoder. it converts the decimal information to binary. In 8x3 encoder circuit consists 8 inputs called D0 to D7 and the outputs A0, A1, A2 the all the inputs connected to a specified OR gate to representing the binary equavalent of a specifed decimal. The outputs are as follows.

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