Crystal Microphone Preamplifier

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Figure 36 is the circuit of a preamplifier with high impedance input and an output circuit allowing coupling to a main amplifier. It will be found extremely useful for purposes such as boosting the signal from a crystal microphone. The input socket, connected to C1, should take the microphone or other input plug, and a screened lead should be prep

Crystal Microphone Preamplifier
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ared to connect output and main amplifier. R4 and C4 provide smoothing and decoupling, so that current can generally be drawn from the main amplifier. It is preferable to use a 2-way power supply cord, not relying on the outer conductor of the audio lead for the negative circuit. A 12v supply is not essential, and the value of R4 may if necessary be altered in value to suit other voltages. The 2N3819 and other audio and general purpose FETs are suitable. In some circumstances it may be possible to build this stage on a small insulated board which can be included in the main amplifier. This will greatly ease overall assembly. Alternative sockets can allow the preamplifier to be omitted, or included for greater sensitivity, as necessary. It should be clear of AC, power, speaker or similar circuits carrying high current or audio signals, to avoid any difficulties from unwanted feed-back.

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