DIY TCI + CDI Trigger

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Extract of another SC article which deals with a simple programmable TCI with nearly the same trigger input circuits than DIY-CDI. Good for us, the trigger circuits are describted in more details than the DIY-CDI article. The DIY-CDI will not only will work with traditional points but will also happily function with any type of trigger signal incl

DIY TCI + CDI Trigger
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uding those provided by factory and after-market reluctor, optical and Hall Effect distributors. It will even interface with an ECU ignition output trigger, making it a universal fit for all single coil cars, motorcycles and go-karts. It`s the ideal upgrade for an old points ignition system or it can be used to replace a defective factory ignition module for as little as one-fifth of the price. Reluctor: a reluctor trigger comprises a coil wound around an iron core. A ring magnet with small externally protruding sections (teeth) is installed on the distributor shaft. As each tooth of the magnet passes the sensor, a voltage is developed in the coil. These voltage spikes provide the timing signal. Incidentally, in place of the reluctor, a magneto signal can be used as a suitable trigger signal for this project. Optical: an optical trigger comprises a LED and a phototransistor or photo diode. The pair is incorporated within a package that allows the light from the LED to impinge on the photodetector. To switch the photodetector on and off, an opaque vane passes between the LED and its sensor. In addition to factory optical systems, this ignition caters for commercial optical ignition triggers such as those from Lumenition, Piranha and Crane. Hall Effect: a Hall Effect trigger is a semiconductor device that switches its output on or off, depending on the presence or absence of a magnetic field. Generally, the magnet is included...

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