Output Stabilizer

Posted on Jun 21, 2012

Optically isolated SMPS and dc-to-dc converters face the variance of output voltage owing to the change of transmission c

Output Stabilizer
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haracteristics of an optoisolator with (a) temperature and (b) aging. The photo diode emission decays with temperature and time, and causes the output voltage to change. The problem is solved using a homoeopathic principle. An additional optical isolator is used to derive the + Vt input voltage, instead of a conventional potential divider from internally stabilized reference. Thanks to - Ve temperature coefficient of VD any changes in K1 and K2 as a result of temperature and aging, track each other to maintain the output voltage constant. With proper selection of R2 and i4, the output voltages are found to vary by less than 0.01%/°C over a wide temperature range.

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