Design and making of the stabilized voltage supply of switch

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Under the loading condition of the resistance, output voltage Uo variable range: 30V~36V; Maximum output current LOmax: 2A; When U2 becomes from 15V to 21V, the regulation factor SU of the voltage is less than or equal to 0. 2% Io =2A ; When Io becomes from 0 to 2A, the load regulation S1 is less than or equal to 0. 5% U2 =18V ; The ripple voltage

Design and making of the stabilized voltage supply of switch
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peak-peak value UOPP of the output noise is less than or equal to 1V U2 =18V, Uo =36V, Io =2A ; Efficiency of DC-DC converter is greater than or equal to 85% U2 =18V, Uo =36V, Io =2A ; Have overcurrent protection functions, action current Io th =Unless 2. 5 0. 2A, behind it get rid of on excessive load trouble, power can self-recovery as normal state; Can carry on keyboard presuming and marching adjustment, step-by-step value 1V, measurement and digital display function with output voltage, electric current at the same time to the output voltage; Converter Includes the controlling circuit Can only be supplied power by UIN port, can`t add the accessory power supply. We need to determine the systematic scheme at first. In requiring, have a little effect on overall scheme, these indexes all only relate to factors such as device choosing, preparation method, etc. , so we focus on three indexes left. First of all, output voltage Uo variable range 30~36V, it is 15- 21V and isolate the secondary of voltage transformer and export, commutate and strain wave rear about 27V the most, is smaller than 30V, obviously needs boost to export within the range of whole voltage. Certainly, the topic has no rectifying circuit form of restriction, another kind of solution is that voltage doubling is commutated and filtered again first, the final-stage like this can adopt the voltage dropping circuit. Secondly, require the whole efficiency of...

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