Design and simulation study of anti exciting type switching power supply of single-end

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Because switching power supply energy-conservation also brings the huge economic benefits, cause the attention of the various circles of society to be popularized rapidly. With the technical development at full speed of power, high frequency, becoming the development trend of stabilized voltage supply of switch miniaturizedly, integratedly. Single

Design and simulation study of anti exciting type switching power supply of single-end
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-end anti exciting type switching power supply not merely has small, the circuit is succinct, advantage that reliability is high with high efficiency, and there is automatic equalization from various places that outputs loaded ability, are often used for designing the accessory power supply of high-frequency switching power supply of high-power or drive power of the power switch [1-2]. PSPICE software is the common circuit analogue simulation software that EDA company ORCAD with most well-known domain developed. Compared with miscellaneous simulation software, PSPICE has a lot of advantages: Having increased the kinds of model and components and parts, the components and parts in user`s all right direct call model base, also can revise the parameter of the model according to the needs of reality, or set up one`s own model; Use the model set up of PSPICE to be more accurate, the real circuit of simulation that it can be better; Because analyze to the circuit that does not need actual components and parts with PSPICE, so, will not be influenced by quantity and type of the components and parts in emulation; The operation of PSPICE is simpler, practicability is strong, utilizing its user will pay emulation to the complicated circuit, reduce the cycle sum expenses of circuit design. PSPICE has good man-machine interface and control mode, pass the waveform analysis window, users can be convenient to observe and output corrugate properties, have important directive significance on design of the circuit. Switching power supply ac input Single-phase or three phases The voltage is turned into a device of the required direct-current volts. The circuit is mainly input the smoothing circuit of electromagnetic disturbance, input and commutated the smoothing circuit, inverter of power, exported and commutated the smoothing circuit etc. to make up. The basic principle of switching power supply is shown as in Fig. 1, the controlling circuit is a piece of one pair of closed loop control systems outputted the control loop of voltage feedback and the inductor current feedback control loop makes up. Among them, the electric current loop can make the change of the input voltage of tracing of input current close to the sine, output of making the voltage stable of the voltage ring. Its basic principle is: Exchanging the input voltage is filter, commutates and filters and gets the direct-current volts U1 by the electric wire netting, after stepping down through the power gas switching tube VT or MOSFET chopping, high-frequency voltage transformer T, output the required voltage of high-frequency square wave, commutate the smoothing circuit the output composed of VD, C2 finally, receive required high quality, high-quality direct-current volts UO to export. Utilize the sense resistor of electric current to transform the electric current of the gas switching tube into the feedback signal of the voltage, then compare with detected voltage of control loop of the voltage, produce PWM wave, and then control the magnitude of the output voltage. This text only concentrates on high-frequency voltage transformer and design of the control circuit to the design of the anti exciting type power supply circuit of switch of multi-functional single-end. The control method is as follows, crest current control pattern, it is the control method that a fixed clock is turned on, the crest current shuts off, it does not directly control PWM pulse width with the error signal of the voltage, but use the indirect control PWM pulse width of inductive current of the crest val

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