Differential super-regenerative self-limiting FM demodulator

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The following is a translation of a section from the first book of the 3 part series `Die RG¶hre im UKW EmpfG¤ng` edited by Dr. Ing. Horst Rothe in 1952. This very interesting section describes a fully differential super-regenerative self-limiting FM detector. The circuit is comprised of two synchronized self-quenched FM super-regenerative detecto

Differential super-regenerative self-limiting FM demodulator
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rs which are detuned from each other to achieve a symmetric S-curve characteristic. This section came out of the chapter on super-regenerative receivers, which can be found in the original German as a pdf attachment at Der Pendelempfang fG r UKW I used the Google and Bing translators to get a first translation. I edited this automated translation result and our own Dr. Dietmar Rudolph proof read the final copy. Thank you Herr Rudolph for your continuing help with translations. A symmetrical circuit according to the off-tune discriminator  [illustrated in figure 6-16] [13], [15] can be constructed with two super-regenerative stages in the same design. Such was first proposed in British Patent No. 571 580 (1942) [ GB571580 at Espacenet ], which is about the limiting effect, however, it contains an error about the operation of the limiting effect. G. Vogt and the author of this principle have both applied this principle, in the form that both self-quenched stages are operated with the same quench frequency. Both stages are then always synchronized and are highly sensitive and at the same point in time. This keeps one super-regenerative stage from being affected by simultaneous strong oscillations in the other. The requirements for the mutual decoupling are easy to fulfill with synchronous operation, so that the circuit is feasible even with a double triode such as EDD11, when it is operated with an IF that is not too high. It...

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