Energy-Saving Switch Schematic

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Normal operation of the light switch gives gentle illumination (LA1). For more light, simply turn the switch off and then immediately (within 1 s) on again. The circuit returns to the gentle light set-ting when switched off for more than 3 s. There is no need to replace the light switch with a dual version: simply insert this circuit between switch and lamp. Almost immediately after

Energy-Saving Switch Schematic
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switch-on, fast-acting miniature relay RE2 pulls in, since it is connected directly after the bridge rectifier. Its nor-mallyclosed contact then isolates RE1 from the supply, and thus current flows to LA1 via RE1`s normally-closed con-tact. RE1 does not have time to pull in as it is a power relay and thus relatively slow. Its response is also slowed down by the time constant of R1 and C1. If the current through the light switch is briefly interrupted, RE2 drops out immediately. There is enough energy stored in C1 to activate RE1, which then holds itself pulled in via a second, normally-open, contact. If current starts to flow again through the light switch within 1s, LA2 will light. To switch LA1 back on it is necessary to turn the light switch off for more than 3 s, so that C1 can discharge via R2 and RE1. The printed circuit board can be built into a well insulating plastic enclosure or be incorporated into a light fitting if there is sufficient space. the printed circuit board is connected directly to the mains-powered lighting circuit. Every precaution must be taken to prevent touching any component or tracks, which carry dangerous voltages. The circuit must be built into a well insulated ABS plastic enclosure.

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