FM Wireless Microphone Transmitter with High Power

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

FM Wireless Microphone has been a very popular project with beginners and experienced constructors alike. It has been used inside guitars and as the basis of a remote control system. I do however, receive many requests for a higher powered circuit and better microphone sensitivity. Now I can introduce the new FM Wireless Microphone (v5), which als

FM Wireless Microphone Transmitter with High Power
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o has a better frequency stability, over 1Km range (under ideal conditions) and is good on microphone sensitivity. This has been achieved by adding an RF amplifier buffer (with 10dB gain) and an AF preamplifier to boost the modulation a little. Construction is quite simple. L1 is 3. 25 turns in spiral form and is an integral part of the PCB foil pattern. The two BC547 transistors can be replaced with (almost) any small-signal NPN transistor, such as the 2N2222. The final stage is a BC557 PNP general purpose device. If you use different devices then you should select the 1M0 resistor for 5-volts DC at the collector of the the first transistor. Select the 47K resistor for 3 - 4 volts on the collector of the third transistor. Here is the V5 component overlay drawing. Note that there is a modification: There used to be a 1n0 5mm cap for supply decoupling, but after a cange of component supplier (manufacturer ) there developed some form of RF instability when the gain of the PA transistor was a little above normal. Replacing the 1n0 to an electrolytic capacitor of 22uf cured this problem totally. Any "radial" (the leads both come out of the same end) type electrolytic capacitor from 0. 47uf upwards cures the problem. The finished unit draws about 30mA which should vary as you touch the tuned circuit, a good test that the unit is oscillating. You should remove the 4K7 resistor if you use a dynamic microphone. The PCB is 50mm x...

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