Frequency Generator Counter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The functional generator is a device that would have any better equipped electronic lab should have a not so frequently used gadgets, but when you need it, we certainly appreciate its convenience. Here is the procedure of the scheme, which was published in the magazine Everyday Practical Electronics 2000g nr. 07. The heart of this device i

Frequency Generator Counter
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s an integrated circuit MAX038 precision function generator that is adjustable for a triangular, square, or sine wave signal. Frequency range is quite wide from 1Hz to 10MHz. PIC16F877 microcontroller control circuit with five inputs/outputs which is essential for several functions. Used to switching capacitor to generate the frequency, the choice of waveform, frequency calculations and data display on the LCD. In preparing the pcb by PDF files that are attached, it is important to pay attention to a mistake that I made and is shown below. After programming the PIC and all the components have been soldiered, at first is checking the validity with no case, just naked electronics. There is a photo of The LCD shows that everything is going according to plan. Nice to see that everything was planned is in right place. The next step is a process in which we will put in the housing, then follows the fun with tools for mechanical processing, drilling and CNC engraving job to the front panel. It is willingly arranged by my friend that owed me the favour, I am only reminded him that I wouldn`t forbid the pleasure of his participating in this venture. Management of one button, frequency span 0, 1Hz-10MHz, sinusoidal, triangular, rectangular, independent adjustment of porosity, indication on LCD, external CCP and frequency modulation, non-volatile memory, the generator of the fluctuations shifted on 90 degrees,

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