Headphone Limiter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

I need one to put in between my headphones and my metal detector. I don`t need anything fancy, but would like to be able to use a pot and make it variable. I`m sure this can be done, I have looked and either don`t understand it, or it`s just not what I`m looking for. So if there is someplace where it

Headphone Limiter
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is simply put and laid out could you point me in the right direction, or post a plan here please. Thanks for your time. Oh ok, I will give that a try, so say if I had two 1N914 across each channel it would limit however much of the voltage was trying to cross over, then If I used a different size that limit would change. I get that, and it`s easy, so one more question how to I figure out how much it is limiting when using the diodes, I`m sure that there is a formula someplace. thanks guys.

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