Home Automation through Cellphone Keying

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This is a project I did during my B. E course. I always wanted to control my lights and other appliances in my room remotely while I`m somewhere else. Many a times I forget to switch off the fan or AC in my room and then I have to go back and switch it off. I always wondered how cool it would be if I could control my appliances through something li

Home Automation through Cellphone Keying
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ke my cellphone (which I never forget to take). Well now I can see that dream right in front of me. Yes, its yet another hobby project by Kaushani and me. Its theHome Automation through Cellphone Keying(H. A. C. K)`. For those who are not aware of, for every key press on a standard telephone keypad an audible beep` is generated. It actually is a signal which is a combination of two distinct frequencies i. e. every key is uniquely defined by the combination of two distinct frequencies. Many (multiple) frequencies are used in which combination of any two defines a key on your keypad hence the name Dual Tone Multiple Frequencies (DTMF)` The DTMF receiver circuit is interfaced with an ATmega16 MCU which is used to drive the external appliances ON or OFF. For demonstration purpose I`ve used 3 leds to be my external appliances. I`ve also used my old NOKIA 2300 in the automatic answer mode and the earphone is used to give input to the DTMF receiver circuit.

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