IC Adder Chip

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

A 4-bit adder which adds two four bit binary numbers with a Carry in line. The diagram above show the logic gate schematic of a 4-bit adder. A full adder take in two number and a carry in line, while a half adder does not allow a carry-in bit. Although both a full adder and a full adder will output a carry out bit. Note the Carry Out is not shown in the diagram above.

IC Adder Chip
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

This schematic link shows the transistor view of a 4-bit adder circuit. A 5483 diagram is shown as an example, but there is no difference between the functions of a 5483 and a 54283 part. Both [xx83 and xx283] components are electrically and functionally identical, however they do differ in their pin out. So a 54LS83 will not function in a circuit layed out for a 54LS283 part. There is also no difference between a Commercial Temperature range; 74283 and a Military Temperature range; 54283. The pin out is the same and they are also electrically and functionally identical. They also have the same pin out or pin lay-out when both are selected using the same package. However the package styles offered for the 74283 and the 54283 functions may be different. The only real difference between the two ICs is that the 54xx version will operate to a higher temperature than the 74xx version.

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