LED Sound level display circuit by using IC LM3915

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a simple audio sound level LED display circuit diagram. The circuit is completely based on a single ic LM3915 from National Semiconductor. The LM3915 is a monolithic integrated circuit. It displays the audio sound level in terms of 10 LEDs and providing a logarithmic 3 dB/step analog display. The audio sound level LED display circuit can o

LED Sound level display circuit by using IC LM3915
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

perate from a single supply 3V to 25V. But I suggest to use 9-12V. LED brightness can be controlled with a single pot( variable resistor) as shown 10K ohm in the circuit. Connect the audio input signal in Pin-5 of LM3915 from output of a audio device like output of audio amplifier or any other source. The Pin-9 of LM3915 is to select dot or bar mode display. To make the circuit moving dot display instead of a bar graph display disconnect the Pin-9 from +V.

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