Laser Head (A2074) Manual

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Laser Head (A2074) provides drive circuits for one or two laser diodes. The drive circuits provide fast switching from off to full power, while at the same time providing complete protection of the laser diode from over-drive. We turn on the lasers by applying 7 V across the L+ and L ’ terminals of the drive circuit. The circuit monitors the

Laser Head (A2074) Manual
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laser`s photodiode current and raises the laser diode current until the photodiode current reaches a level set by its photocurrent resistor. The lasers used with the A2074 must be housed in a three-pin package with the cathode of the laser diode and the anode of the photodiode connected in common to the case (see drawing ). Examples of such lasers are the LDP65001E (Lumex, now obsolete), the DL3147 (Sanyo), the L650P007 (Thorlabs), the L658P040 (Thorlabs), or the HL6364DG (Opnext). These are all red laser diodes. Their power outputs range from 5 mW to 65 mW, operating currents fom 35 mA to 150 mA, and forward voltages from 2. 0 V and 2. 7 V. The A2074 is also suitable for driving infra-red laser diodes, and even green diode-pumped laser, such as the DJ532-10 (from Thorlabs). But we have not tested the A2074 with either infra-red or green diodes. In principle, the A2074 could drive a blue laser diode, but we have not found one with the correct internal connections for compatibility with the A2074. In the figure above, the photocurrent resistor, R6 is 15 k ©, which sets the output power of the LDP65001E laser diode on the other side to 4. 0 mW. Note the orientation of the six-way flex connector. The contacts of the flex cable must face away from the board edge. The six-way 1-mm flex socket on the A2074 has a pin-out compatible with switching circuits such as the Azimuthal BCAM Head ( A2048 ), the Azimuthal Source Head (...

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