Magnetic Phono Cartridges Transistor RIAA Preamp

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The following two-transistor circuit is a pre-amplifier circuit for magnetic phono cartridge, which is characterized by its frequency response defined by RIAA standard for phono recording. This pre amp circuit has gain around 40 dB (midband) at 1 kHz. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: This circuit is a ultra low noise magnetic phono pr

Magnetic Phono Cartridges Transistor RIAA Preamp
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eamp. This circuit uses an LM381/1A. This circuit also includes RIAA equalization. This circuit has ultra low noise. The DC voltage level at the output of this circuit is about 16. 5V, Continue reading †’. This is a simple circuit of magnetic pickup phono preamplifier. A proper loading to a reluctance is provided by this circuit. Here is the circuit: The gain provided by this circuit is approximately 25dB at 1kHz (2. 2mV input for 100mV Continue reading †’. This circuit is a simple circuit that can be used to listening old vinyl discs from a well preserved collection. This circuit efficient for cheap moving-magnet cartridges. It can be used in connection with the audio power amplifiers shown in Continue reading †’.

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