Modelica Magnetic FluxTubes Solenoid Actuator

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Model SimpleSolenoid `Simple network model of a lifting magnet with planar armature end face` parameter SI. Resistance R = 10 `Armature coil resistance`; parameter Real N = 957 `Number of turns`; //yoke parameter SI. Radius r_yokeOut = 15e-3 `Outer yoke radius`; parameter SI. Radius r_yokeIn = 13. 5e-3 `Inner yoke radius`; parameter SI. Length l_yoke = 35e-3 `Axial

Modelica Magnetic FluxTubes Solenoid Actuator
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yoke length"; parameter SI. Length t_yokeBot = 3. 5e-3 "Axial thickness of yoke bottom"; //pole parameter SI. Length l_pole = 6. 5e-3 "Axial length of pole"; parameter SI. Length t_poleBot = 3. 5e-3 "Axial thickness of bottom at pole side"; parameter SI. Length t_airPar = 0. 65e-3 "Radial thickness of parasitic air gap due to slide guiding"; parameter Modelica. Magnetic. FluxTubes. Material. SoftMagnetic. BaseData material= Modelica. Magnetic. FluxTubes. Material. SoftMagnetic. Steel. Steel_9SMnPb28() "Ferromagnetic material characteristics"; //armature parameter SI. Radius r_arm = 5e-3 "Armature radius = pole radius"; parameter SI. Length l_arm = 26e-3 "Armature length"; parameter Modelica. SIunits. TranslationalSpringConstant c= 1e11 "Spring stiffness between impact partners"; parameter Modelica. SIunits. TranslationalDampingConstant d= 400 "Damping coefficient between impact partners"; parameter SI. Position x_min = 0. 25e-3 "Stopper at minimum armature position"; parameter SI. Position x_max = 5e-3 "Stopper at maximum armature position"; SI. Position x(start=x_max, stateSelect=StateSelect. prefer) "Armature position, alias for flange position (identical with length of working air gap)"; protected parameter SI. Density rho_steel = 7853 "Density for calculation of armature mass from geometry"; public Modelica. Magnetic. FluxTubes. Basic. Ground ground; Modelica. Magnetic. FluxTubes. Basic. ElectroMagneticConverter coil(...

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