Neuromorphic Silicon Neuron Circuits

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Hardware implementations of spiking neurons can be extremely useful for a large variety of applications, ranging from high-speed modeling of large-scale neural systems to real-time behaving systems, to bidirectional brain machine interfaces. The specific circuit solutions used to implement silicon neurons depend on the application requirements. In this paper we describe the most common building blocks and techniques

Neuromorphic Silicon Neuron Circuits
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used to implement these circuits, and present an overview of a wide range of neuromorphic silicon neurons, which implement different computational models, ranging from biophysically realistic and conductance-based Hodgkin Huxley models to bi-dimensional generalized adaptive integrate and fire models. We compare the different design methodologies used for each silicon neuron design described, and demonstrate their features with experimental results, measured from a wide range of fabricated VLSI chips. Spike-based models of neurons have recently become very popular, for both investigating the role of spike-timing in the computational neuroscience field, and for implementing event-driven computing systems in the neuromorphic engineering field. Several spike-based neural network simulators have been developed within this context, and much research has focused on software tools and strategies for simulating spiking neural networks ( Brette et al. , 2007 ). Digital tools and simulators are convenient and practical for exploring the quantitative behavior of neural networks. However they are not ideal for implementing real-time behaving systems, or detailed large-scale simulations of neural systems. Even the largest supercomputing systems to date are not capable of obtaining real-time performance when running simulations large enough to accommodate multiple cortical areas, yet detailed enough to include distinct cellular...

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